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    These words I, Leo, have set down for love and as a safeguard of the orthodox faith (Haec Leo posui amore et cautela fidei orthodoxa). - Pope Leo III (defending the original Creed by engraving it in silver to display in Rome)
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    These men have said all the rash impudence there is to say... - Patriarch St. Photius the Great (Mystagogy of the Holy Spirit)
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    "The Symbol of the Faith must be preserved inviolate, as at its origin. Since all the holy doctors of the Church, all the Councils and all the Scriptures put us on our guard against heterodoxy, how dare I, in spite of these authorities, follow those who urge us to unity in a deceitful semblance of union—those who have corrupted the holy and divine Symbol of Faith and brought in the Son as second cause of the Holy Spirit" - St. Mark of Ephesus - The Pillar of Orthodoxy
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The New Site

Posted by [] on November 25, 2007

One site reader wrote in to thank us for the new material. You’re welcome. There’s a lot more coming to the site.

The timeline, I think, is the single most powerful tool one can implement, tho. . . .

If one can see the progression of events at specific times, one can build one’s own ideas, free from the imposed historiographies of our culture. It’s amazing to me that we who do not and cannot accept the cultural and economic historiographical views in so many other areas, are willing to so easily fall prey to them on this point. And this really is the watershed point. If we see the truly religious character of the filioque schism and its implications for everything else, then we can see the religious character in the rest of life. If we can’t see it here, then we are all just a cultural force, and indeed our Faith is vain – just another cultural evolution of a particular set of political-economic circumstances at a certain time – and not the Incarnation – not the revealed truth – not the Economia from God.

I’ll be addressing other watershed issues – lesser ones. Like the conversion of St. Constantine and the baptism of Rus. These are routinely attacked in pseudo-scholarly circles as mere acts of expedience of economic-political-cultural character, and deprived of their truly religious character. And we can’t allow that to stand unanswered. Sure, we can allow that atheists and heterodox think such things in their foolishness, but it is the duty of the Orthodox to defend their own who may fall prey to the ideas of the surrounding culture and stumble into that foolishness.

Remember, anyone with a free mind, even if they haven’t read much, is more to be envied than any “scholar” bound in his assumptions.

The filioque site is a site of spiritual warfare – of combat – because that too is the role of Christians – we are in a permanent, unceasing state of war wherein conflict is not only the norm, but the pious and correct continual religious response. We are at war unceasingly. We are at war forever, until time is folded up. At the same time, it is not the purpose for which we live, and it can never be. We cannot separate these things from personal confession and devotion – personal piety and catechesis (for I too need to be saved, constantly and forever – I too need to pray “Lord, make me an Orthodox Christian”). These can never be separated – if they are, they result in ecumenism on the one hand (piety w/o combat) and devolve into heretical combat against one’s own brethren in the name of God – because it is impossible to be neutral – neutrality is a lie – or else traditionalism on the other hand (the camp of correctness – combat w/o piety).


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